Trainings: Overview

In the name of Allah, the very Merciful, the One who makes mercy,

May the greetings of Allah and His prayers be on our prophet Muhammed as well as his family and all his companions,

Worried of being able to contribute to the general effort of revivification of the prophetic medicine, we decided to set up training courses intended for every public but with a shown orientation towards Muslim healthcare professionals.

These courses aim to:

  1. Communicate on the Islamic approach of the health
  2. Share knowledge and expertise in diverse fields of health: Al-Hijâma, the Islamic Psychotherapy, Apitherapy …
  3. Strengthen the insurance – quality, the safety, the appropriate use and the efficiency of various approaches to healthcare
  4. Establish a Muslim healthcare professionals’ network under the shape of an even international national directory
  5. Insist on the necessity of an optimal rigor and conscientiousness as muslim health practitioners

The theoretical phases will take place in meeting room, within Rabat’s hotels, Morocco.

The practical phases will be held in Doctor Ait m’hammed Moloud medical center

The disciplines which will be taught will not be the object of national degree delivery for lack of a regulation in this sense nowadays but an official certificate on an honorary basis will be given to the prize-winners. This official document will engage the moral responsibility of the prize-winners as well as trainers and KM FORMA Company.

Thus il will be up to the prize-winners to honor the trust which will be given to them.

Besides, these courses will evolve by taking into account practitioners needs according to the current scientific recommendations.

For any additional request: information/registration, please refer to KM FORMA Company.

May the greetings of Allah be on our prophet Muhammed, and praise belongs to Allah, Lord of Worlds.

Training Cupping
Training Psycho-therapy