Psychotherapy training

Training aims :

  • Raise awareness of moral suffering at the level of the individual and the community.
  • Understand the mode of installation of moral suffering as well as its main actors and victims.
  • Define tools for screening and treating these ailments.
  • Initiate in psycho-social and Islamic counseling.
  • Know how to direct towards the practitioner best suited to the suffering encountered.

Teaching methods:

  • Participatory methods.
  • Theoretical and methodological contributions complementing and / or structuring the experiences.
  • Sessions of questions / answers.
  • Analysis of clinical cases and recorded consultations.

Concerned public :

This training is intended for anyone wishing to provide support to others in a wise, responsible and ethical manner.


Doctor Moloud AIT M’HAMMED

Doctor of medicine, general medicine specialty.
Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Amiens with very honorable mention.
Former liberal practitioner in private Parisian clinics in hematology-oncology and internal medicine.
Author of the works: “La Hijama” and “Les Maladies Psychologiques” published by Tawbah, “Les Medicines Douces” published by Presses Académas Francophones.
Psychotherapist in office and by teleconsultation.
Psychosocial consultant to religious representatives.

Certification  :

Attendance at the three days will result in the issuance of a certificate of participation.

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