Psychotherapeutic consultation

In the name of Allah the Very Merciful, the One who makes mercy,

Praise to Allah Lord of Worlds, He created the man from clay and then breathed in him the spirit granting him an origin from both worlds, celestial world and ground world,

May the greetings of Allah be on our messenger Muhammed who was sent as herald for both weights of the Earth, Djins and Humankind, He supported him by the clear revelation and by the proofs and the obvious signs then He raised Him to the house of Heavens until he perceived the rustlings of the Pen, and heard the Lord of Worlds ordering him one of the greatest worships,

May the greetings of my Lord and His salute be on him as long as day and night follow themselves and as long as celestial bodies and clouds are dashing on their celestial orbit, as well as on his family and his companions, with high qualities and clear science and understanding, and on his wives, pure, mothers of believers, and on the successors and whoever followed them in the way of propriety until the last day.


Nowadays, the individual is confronted with diverse disorders and disasters opposing his soul and arousing in him a large number of concerns and apprehension but also a large number of difficulties and dissensions in both family and social system as well as a multitude of disorders striking a blow at the psychological integrity of the individual even in his social integration.

The structuring of the life of everyone is then put in a hardship situation because of this environment that crumbles the trust we have of ourselves and also of the whole society.

We observed ourselves cases of major disorders affecting the integrity of the family unit and causing social and identical folds as well as diverse anxiety-depressive disorders mixed by a discomfort of obvious life even if the social and professional situation would be generous but the emotional and spiritual holes prevent the enjoyment of these goods.

According to the word of Allah “co-operate with each other in righteousness and piety, not in sin and hostility. Have fear of Allah, He is stern in His retribution” and according to the word of the prophet (prayers and greetings of Allah on him) “whoever can be beneficial to his brother let him do that”, we shall try, with this platform which we give to our brothers and sisters in Islam, to dispense scientific, psychological and social orientations to arouse outcomes in these diverse disorders that afflicts many of people.

The objective of this project is not to sound the private life of others nor to collect their secrets but it joins in a conscientious initiative submitted to the professional secrecy.

It has for mission to supply scientific, religious and technical tools based on Qur’an and Sunnah with the authentic understanding that allow to establish a clarified link between the lifestyle and its psychological and behavioral impact.

The psychotherapeutic approach which we propose is the fruit of a synthesis of a meticulous research on the psychological field, as described by the Islamic sciences, and on the other hand, a deeper experiment based on clinical observation far away from any mysticism and false faiths.

By the grace of Allah, this approach based on the conformity with the Islamic law allowed to solve numerous psychological and social crisis situations.

In this direction, it will be proposed several kinds of consultations:

  1. Usual consultations within our medical center on Rabat-Hassan, as psychotherapeutic assizes of 1h-1h30
  2. Consultations by phone, email and any else dematerialized support (tango, viber, whatsapp …)
  3. Consultations by videoconference via Skype, or similar, for whoever wishes an eye contact and more particularly during the family psychotherapies so that every fellow involved can interact at a distance

In the origin of this project, we find a referent on the medical plan, doctor Ait m’hammed Moloud and a second referent, specialized in religious and psychosocial sciences, mister Lagssasse Hicham.

Other healthcare professionals will gradually come to enrich our team and to contribute to this project.

Our exchanges will be possible in three languages: Arabic (literary and dialectal), French and English.

An on-line schedule will allow to choose the consultation process like phone consultation and so on and so forth.

For the usual consultations, the appointment setting will be made directly with the secretary.

We hope that this platform will give to our patients all the necessary tools for the resolution of their troubles imploring Allah the Almighty that He introduces this project into the balance of our good works and that He grants us the success by the beneficial science and the worthy actions, that He makes of us keys of property and locks against the evil and that He pushes away the rustles and the tricks of the devils because He is the holder of this power and may the greetings of Allah be on our prophet Muhammed as well as on his family and all his companions.

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