Mr. Lagssasse Hicham

Cursus & Graduate:

  • Graduated from the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Science, Mohammed V, Rabat (Morocco),
  • First year of Master’s degree in private law, Faculty Mohammed V, Rabat (Morocco),
  • Deeper knowledge and experiment in family and marriage counselling.


Holder of authorizations of religious teachings on behalf of several scholars in Saudi Arabia (Mecca, Medina, Ryad, Tâif and Jîzan), Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, India and in Morocco.

Among them, shaykh Wassioullah ‘Abbas, shaykh Muhammed ibn ‘Abdullah As-Soubayl, shaykh Ahmed ibn Yahya Najmi, shaykh Mohamed ibn ‘Omar Bazmoul, shaykh ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abdulaziz ibn ‘Aqil, shaykh Muhammed ‘Ali Adam Al-Etyobi, shaykh Al-Maltâni, shaykh Muhammed ibn Shaykh Shafi’ (mufti of Pakistan), shaykh ‘Abdulaziz ibn Baz, Shaykh ‘Abdulqayyum Al-Boustawi, Shaykh ‘Abdullah ibn Murad ibn ‘Ali Al-Madani, Shaykh Yahya ‘Othman Al-Mudaris, Shaykh ‘Abdullah ibn Ahmed An-Nâkhibi and others. May Allah the Greatest have mercy upon those who left us.