Medical consultation remotely / Telemedicine

In the name of Allah, the very Merciful, the One who makes mercy,

May the greetings of Allah and His prayers be on our prophet Muhammed,

The medical consultation strictly speaking is the fact of an interaction between a healthcare professional, in this particular case a doctor, and his patient.

Nowadays, telecommunications know an unprecedented development and new methods of therapeutic management called “remotely” consultation were born and are included in what is described by the “telehealth” and more particularly the “telemedicine”.

The telemedicine aims to facilitate the access to a medical diagnosis when the environmental conditions even the health of the patient does not allow a classic care in medical office.

For my part, it has been several years since I take in charge the initiation, the coordination and the patients’ therapeutic follow-up from diverse regions of the world (France, England, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Reunion Island…) on the basis of my abilities because this approach requires a rather consequent dedicated time. Several times, diagnoses were able to be established in due form as well as specialized care management which were able to be encouraged with a very interesting rate of efficiency. Besides, the access to the various biological examinations, X-ray, CT Scan and other (electrocardiogram) thanks to smartphone or any other media like whatsapp, email which allows an enlightened and fast management by the grace of Allah.

Lack of communication between the doctor and his patient, lake of care coordination because of an archaic or capitalist health system, lack of expertise from some health practitioners, estrangement of an adapted structure of care are just as much of elements participating to make this way of remote medical consultation, a great alternative in the management of the patient.

I so hope in this section ” medical consultation ” to allow the elaboration of an official platform of telemedicine by which I shall try to federate several healthcare professionals sharing the same ideals.

At the beginning, I will be, Doctor Ait m’hammed Moloud, the only one practitioner for remotely medicine device, regarding my abilities by taking into account my classic activity in office.

A system of virtual schedule will allow such consultations in real time by the grace of Allah and in a more official frame.

I call upon Allah, The Greatest, that He blesses this project and makes it useful for the largest number because He is for everything capable,

May the greetings of Allah be on our prophet Muhammed as well as all his companions and praise belongs to Allah, Lord of Worlds.

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