Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for information? The most frequently asked questions are listed in our FAQ. Refer to the topic that interests you, a “Contact” link at the top right of the page will also allow you to write to us if you have not found the answer to your question.

Yes, it is possible as long as the practitioner and the patient are able to communicate comprehensively about the disease state that motivated this consultation and as long as the caregiver strives through it to perform his role of monitoring, control and therefore care pathway coordinator.

Telemedicine, provided in the rules of the art, enables safe and responsible management of the patient. However, it will not replace a firsthand consultation. Thus, practitioners will be aware of the theoretical limits of remote intervention and will in all circumstances guide to the most appropriate care especially when life or functional-threatening is involved.

A diagnostic approach is possible as well as referrals to practitioners or specialized institutions if necessary. Therapeutic monitoring, cons-expertise face a care path initiated by a colleague when a major decision is involved (surgery, drug toxicity, alternative therapy, nosocomial accident …). Further information about processing or additional exploration. Translation / health document explanation in English, Arabic for expatriates in particular. We caution that it belongs to the potential candidate for telemedicine to distinguish urgent situation from that which is not. In this sense, medical advice urgently (15-911 …) should always be sought in order not to delay a therapeutic management.

We notion that such a device is available in France. It is up to everyone to seek the opinion of the institution in question, the CPAM in France, the NHS in England …

However, an invoice can be given for French nationals consultant to our office, the latter giving right to a refund.

The conditions of use of this platform and its general sales conditions are available on this website in the dedicated section. Until 48 hours before the so-called consultation, a refund is possible but beyond a case-by-case basis with justifications will be necessary.

Our trainers are experts in their field, their skills but also their pedagogy give the candidates a rigorous environment for the acquisition of a professional practice. Although non-degree, our training grant the winners a certificate of competence attesting to their scientific integrity while engaging the moral responsibility of them and their trainers.

No, our courses will be offered at this time in Morocco and in the first instance on the city of Rabat.

First, Hijama / cupping and Islamic psychotherapy courses will be proposed. Subsequently, other sessions will emerge (nutrition therapy, apitherapy …).

This category will be subject to regular articles in French, English and Arabic. In addition, weekly lectures will be led by our practitioners on various topics related to health as well as interviews will be held with various specialists.

Yes, anyone who is invested in the health field is invited to submit a spontaneous application in the dedicated section. Our two conditions: a recognized expertise in the health field and a credo conform to Qur’an and Sunnah according to the understanding of our pious predecessors.