Cupping Training

Training objective:

  • Understand the scientific interest medical and religious of the cupping
  • Acquire theoretical and practical bases to exercise the cupping in the rules of art
  • Analyze clinical studies to update their knowledge regularl


  • Training grouping theoretical and practical
  • Written examination (MCQ) and practical
  • Personalized follow-up for 1 year by email and/or telephone (or via any support dematerialized, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp ….)
  • Immersion week (individually or in pairs) to the office of Dr. AIT M’HAMMED (provided you have written a memorandum within 12 months of training).
  • Coffee break in the morning and afternoon of day 1, 2 and 4

Teaching methods and materials:

  • Participatory and empowering methods
  • Theoretical and methodological contributions which complement and/or structuring experiences
  • Sessions questions/answers
  • Case practice in office
  • Study support


This training is intended primarily for healthcare professionals. However, it remains open to anyone motivated and serious wishing to invest in the field of cupping in a professional or family.


Doctor Moloud AIT M’HAMMED

  • Doctor of medicine, general medicine specialty.
  • A graduate of Amiens Medical School with high honors.
  • Certificate in Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine of Bobigny.
  • Former Liberal practitioner Parisian in private clinics in hematology-oncology and internal medicine.
  • Author of books: “La Hijama” and “Les Maladies Psychologiques” to Tawbah editions, “Les médecines douces” published by Presses Académiques Francophones editions.
  • Author of the thesis “Evaluation du recours aux MCA, en médecine générale, dans le département de l’Oise.”
  • Former member of “The International Cupping Therapy Society.”

Certification  :

The attendance at the first three days will lead to the issuance of a certificate of participation.

The validation of written and practical tests will lead to the issuance of a certificate of ability.

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