Blog overview: inform and raise awareness

In the name of Allah, the very Merciful, the One who makes mercy,

May the greetings of Allah and His prayers be on our prophet Muhammed as well as on his family and all his companions.

The purpose of the medical information is to be loyal, clear and adapted in order to answer with full transparency to the complaint of the patient. However, some communities does not reaching to this information because of a problem of language or tradition so that it is compromising the relationship between the doctor and his patient.

To fix this problem, some countries as England got closer of these communities by means of their religious representatives, in order to adapt the information. So, the NHS (National Health Service), which is the equivalent of CPAM (caisse primaire d’assurance maladie) in France, worked in this direction. On the NHS’official website, we can see recommendations for the month of Ramadan whereas in France, the simple will to observe the fast could be perceived as an extremist expression of Islam.

Besides, a British association, the MHN (Muslim Health Network) also aims at promoting the health and at educating in the “good health “.

That’s why this website was conceived because, unlike our English neighbors, we can’t find any health information’s device adapted to the Muslim community in France.

On the other hand, in this time where Muslims are frequently stigmatized, some of our coreligionists are afraid of a loss of objectivity from their practitioners whom first professional commitment was ” primum no nocere “: my priority, not to damage deliberately.

Thus we aim, through this section, to make sensitive, to inform, educate on the health thanks to scientific official recommendations while taking into account religious and traditional peculiarities of our community.

Our communication will be made in the form of articles but also conferences on various subjects connected to the health and to its Islamic approach.

Several practitioners will regularly intervene so that this platform will be profitable to the greatest number.

We remind that the “information” section does not have authority to replace the opinion of a healthcare professional.

Finally, the use of our articles must be strictly reserved for the information and not for the commercial use. The reference to MuslimSanté must be specified.

May the greetings of Allah be on our prophet Muhammed and praise belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds.