About Muslim Santé

In the name of Allah, the very Merciful, the One who makes mercy,

May the greetings of Allah and His prayers be on our prophet Muhammed as well as on his family and all his companions.

It has been more than four years since I lead the blog “MuslimSanté” by developing articles concerning the health under a Muslim perspective. Because of the lack of rigorous references on this theme, in the French-speaking Islamic literature, I also undertook the writing of two works on the field of hijama and then on the psychological diseases from an Islamic point of view, both edited by Tawbah. Their success strengthened my feeling about the need for the French-speaking Muslim community to acquire practical works on the Islamic approach of the health. For that purpose, other projects are under consideration.

In parallel of these works, the requests for a “remote” management of diverse pathological situations, both on diagnosis and therapeutics side, did not stop growing until make me difficult their treatment in reasonable deadlines.

In this context, the idea to conceive an on-line platform proposing several poles: information, training and consultation began to germinate until materializing under the aegis of this new web site: muslim-sante.com. To assure the widest possible coverage, several healthcare practitioners will be federated around this project. In this direction, I really thank Mr Hicham Lagssasse, highly skilled specialist in legal, social and religious sciences for his investment in this project.

Still in this perspective of a global care management of the patient, I have recently opened my medical center in Rabat, Morocco. This structure offers general medicine and psychotherapeutic consultations, cupping therapy but also physiotherapy and nursing cares. To perpetuate the activity of remote consultation, a system of on-line payment will be set up with reasonable prices.

Finally, several trainings will be proposed and available for any public but naturally directed to the healthcare professionals. This project will be inaugurated by a first cupping course, planned in April, 2015.

I implore Allah the Almighty that He blesses this project and makes it useful for the largest number because He is for everything capable and He is the only holder of this power.

May the greetings of Allah and His prayers be on our prophet Muhammed and praise belongs to Allah, Lord of Worlds.